A little bit about us.

In order to tell the story of The Constable Tattoo Parlor, we need to go to the beginning. The Constable began with our grandfather, Gerald G. Berg, who created the company in 1973 when moving back to the Chicagoland area from Texas. Gerald began working out of his own home with business partner Mike Benner. Together they worked with the common goal of being a go-to-shop for every Police Officerís needs.

Over the course of time, The Constable changed locations several times, with the final location at 1410 Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove, IL. At this location they sold police supplies to police stations around the Chicagoland area. Everything a Village would need (except uniforms) could be found at The Constable. Sirens, guns, belts, and all of the finest supplies were readily available for Villages to take hold of.

In 1989 The Constable began to transition into other directions when Gerald G. Bergís son, Erik Berg, became a Police Officer. The partners split shortly after Erik became a Police Officer, and Mike Benner went to a federal signal company. Gerald Berg moved on to work as a salesman for Ray OíHerron, another police supply store, with 1990 being the ending year for The Constable.

A Transition into Tattoos

Keeping the name, logo and work ethic of The Constable within the Berg family, we launched The Constable Tattoo Parlor in 2011. Gerald G. Berg was not only an avid police salesman, but also a true, talented artist. It was only necessary that The Constableís name and logo be transformed into the artistic world of tattooing to carry on his legacy.

Tattoo shops around Chicago are often given a bad representation because of the association with drugs and alcohol. This is where The Constable Tattoo Parlor varies from the rest and paves its own path. Maintaining the look and feel of the early 1900s, The Constable Tattoo Parlor is consistently elegant and classy. The shop provides clients with a look into the past business of The Constable, as well as the current, future look of The Constable through The Constable Tattoo Parlor.

Being a family shop, The Constable Tattoo Parlor is committed to providing the best in quality tattooing. Owner and award winning tattoo artist, Kyle Berg, is constantly working at bettering the tattoo industry with wholesome tattoos that exhibit the true art of tattooing. With an Associateís Degree in Art, Kyle Berg is not limited to one set style, which allows him to tackle any tattoo idea you might have, making him the go-to tattoo artist in the Chicagoland area.

The Constable Tattoo Parlor prides itself in providing an atmosphere that is welcoming to friends, providing a safe, fun tattoo environment. This is why we encourage our clients to bring friends and family with to their tattoo appointment in order to provide comfort and guidance.

We welcome all family members, but only those who are 18 years of age and older will be allowed to receive tattoos and piercings. We take pride in creating a piece of art that clients will enjoy for a lifetime. The experience of a family tattoo shop is one of a kind, with not many shops offering the comfort and guidance that The Constable Tattoo Parlor has to offer.

Piercing Services

In addition to tattooing, The Constable Tattoo Parlor offers piercings by our piercer in a clean, sanitary environment. The needles are used once and then disposed of properly, showing our commitment to healthy, long-lasting piercings. We pride ourselves in the accuracy and satisfaction of every person that gets pierced by our piercer. Our piercer will talk you through the process, ensuring your comfort and ease of mind when receiving a piercing.

As a family owned shop, The Constable Tattoo Parlor maintains the cleanliness of the shop, and does not tolerate the use of drugs. Through this our employees will submit to random drug tests and no smoking will be allowed in front of the shop. We want our clients and their family members to make The Constable Tattoo Parlor their second home. It is our goal and commitment to provide a tattoo experience that you will always remember and continually come back for more. And, as always, we fully support our men and women in service from Police Officers and Firefighters to EMTs and Military Personnel.

We look forward to making your ideas enfold into a work of art that you will cherish for a lifetime.